The construction management Team is responsible for defining and monitoring the construction works execution procedures, quality standards, and quantity measurement requirements as well as defining HSE requirements and also proper training.

For construction Contracts sub-contracted (to others), the Construction Dept. mobilizes/hires and assigns qualified people to implement the Construction Management tasks (in distinction from the Site Management that oversees not only Construction per se but also material receiving /control/issue, HSE, Field Engineering, QA/QC, Site Administration, Planning and Control, Pre-com./Commissioning).


The assigned team consists of a construction manager/coordinator and discipline superintendents under his management who will be responsible for the execution of the Construction Dept. Procedures or adapted/adopted procedures of any specific project as approved by the Construction Dept., in line with the project’s scope, quality, quantity, time, and cost.


Scope of Services

  • Construction Management
  • Site Supervision Services
  • Field Engineering Services
  • Commissioning Engineering Services
  • Project Management
  • Management Consultancy Services