Safety and health are of paramount importance at AVITEC. Our aim is for zero safety incidents. We see this as an entirely realistic and achievable goal and are proud to say that, much of the time, we do live up to it.

Our people care. They are obligated and empowered to intervene and stop the work whenever they observe an unsafe situation. They understand that safety is everyone’s responsibility.

Our HSE strategy is centered on 5 principles:


  • Leadership: the shadow you cast
  • Employee engagement: greater engagement, fewer incidents
  • Contractor management: consistency and performance driven
  • Training: formalize, simplify, and standardize, with a refreshed learner experience
  • Compliance: do it right, first time

Our Commitment to HSE:

 AVITEC has ultimate responsibility for occupational health and safety performance and achievement of occupational health and safety excellence. AVITEC is therefore committed to:

  • safely conducting its business, consistent with its ‘Horizon Zero’ initiative which aims to eliminate hazards and reduce risks to prevent work-related injury and ill health
  • maintaining a strong leadership culture where safe behaviors are encouraged and recognized
  • promoting a culture in which all workers share this commitment and take personal responsibility for occupational health and safety
  • creating an environment where workers are empowered to intervene if they believe that a work activity is unsafe
  • ensuring consultation and participation of our workers to achieve the desired outcome of this policy
  • continual improvement of our health and safety performance and management systems
  • complying with all applicable laws, regulations, relevant standards, and compliance obligations and applying standards where the legislation is inadequate or non-existent
  • transparency in the reporting of the Company’s health and safety performance and sharing of knowledge
  • setting objectives and targets for continual improvement with auditing and monitoring of performance

Our Objectives:

To meet this commitment at all levels, AVITEC will:

  • Develop and maintain a systematic approach to occupational health and safety management and assurance
  • implement risk management processes that identify, evaluate, and control occupational health and safety risks and opportunities
  • publish regular performance reports and openly discuss occupational health and safety performance with internal and external stakeholders
  • periodically review the suitability and effectiveness of this policy, our management systems, targets and objectives