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Site Supervision Services are sometimes part of the Project Management Contract, and in other cases can be a separate contract.

Site Supervision services refer to all the activities by the Supervision staff during construction and include the following major tasks as related to the contractual obligations of the EPC contractor:

  1. Planning/project control/remedial actions oversee/approval, and reporting
  2. execution procedures review/approval,
  3. Progress Control
  4. Manpower and machinery mobilization plan review/approval
  5. Laboratory and equipment test procedure and format approval
  6. Reporting on missing engineering documents needed for construction work
  7. Coordination meetings with all the involved parties
  8. All work quantity verifications
  9. All material and equipment warehousing, and Work quality checks and approvals
  10. Recommendations for defect removals
  11. Change order review/approvals
  12. Witnessing the pre-defined tests
  13. Participation in all the stages of plant handover